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Welcome to Sunless Skin Airbrush Tanning & Professional Teeth Whitening

Welcome to Sunless Skin Airbrush Tanning & Professional Teeth WhiteningWelcome to Sunless Skin Airbrush Tanning & Professional Teeth Whitening



8 to 24 Hours Prior to Session

Exfoliate with an oil free product, paying special attention to dry areas like feet, knees and elbows.

Sunless-Skin recommends our Blushtan® Body Polish

It is specially designed for spray tanning! Find it featured in our online store!

Shave or Wax 8 to 24 hours Prior to Session

Use a sharp razor blade or wax of choice to remove as much hair as possible!

(Waxing is recommended to be done 24 hours before tanning to allow for skin to heal and pores to close).  

Remove all Makeup, deodorant and lotion

These products can block the airbrush tanning solution and development. 

It is highly recommended to remove them if possible, for the best results!

Bring dark Swimwear or undergarments

If you plan to be sprayed wearing the garments, a dark color is recommended as some of the tan solution can remain in the fabric of clothing. 

So don't wear your favorite little things!

Garments for the ladies, are not required if you wish to avoid tan lines!


Dark loose-fitting clothing

After your tan it is recommended to avoid tight fitting clothes as they can affect the tans application. 

Some transfer onto clothing can be expected especially in areas that rub. Dark colors cant be accidentally ruined. 

Remove Jewelry and Lenses

Jewelry can be removed and set aside in the salon to avoid unnecessary lines. 

Contact lenses can be irritated by the solution if they come in contact. Remove them at your own discretion. 



dark swimsuit or cotton underwear

Our solution should wash out of clothing easily, though they tend to stain synthetic materials such as light nylon. 

We also have disposable underwear and strapless tops for you to use if preferred.

Again, for the ladies, undergarments are optional

MEN MUST WEAR BOXERS OR SHORTS during their tanning session. 

Use lip balm

Protect your lips from absorbing the tanning solution by applying lip balm. 

*Tip- May Use concealer

Spot covering dark marks, acne scars, pimples and moles can prevent the tan from making these marks darker on your face.



THe solution will dry quickly

While the solution is drying, your skin may feel a bit tacky. 

We often apply a powder to help set the solution and reduce this to prevent transfer of the tan, affecting the application. 

Wear loose fitting clothing and undergarments

Sweat pants and long sleeve loose fitting shirts are recommended to protect your tan. Tight clothing will rub on your skin and the solution, which can affect the result of the tan. 

things to avoid

Showering- Do not shower until you have reached the processing time given to you at the time of your session! When you do shower, the bronzer will wash off of your skin, but do not worry, as this is not your tan, rinse until the water is clear. The DHA is left behind and will continue to develop. Be sure to moisturize afterwards using a paraben free lotion our Blush® Hydrating moisturizer is specially formulated for spray tans. (Available to purchase in store or online)

Exercising- Avoid exercising until after your processing is complete and you've rinsed off the bronzer. Friction and sweat can affect the development of your tan. 


Skin to skin Contact- the processing of the tan can be affected as well as transfer of the tan to someone else. 

Scrubbing- once you have the tan, avoid exfoliating until you are ready for a fresh spray. Pat your skin dry after you shower and bathe.

When in doubt, ASK! Your spray tanner will be able to instruct you further on all things you should and should not do while you are processing your tan!

Tan extenders

Using our tan extenders daily can drastically improve the life and quality of your tan. We recommend using them daily, to keep your tan looking fresh. These are available to purchase in store or in our online store.

Hydrate your skin

Be sure to moisturize twice daily, this is important to maintaining healthy skin and thus will improve your tan, and reduce premature or patchy fading.

The better you prep for your tan and take care of it, the longer it will last!

Darker sheets and blankets

If you plan on sleeping prior to your first initial shower, the bronzer may rub off on your sheets and rub off on surfaces. It is water based and will wash out but being mindful of transfer and protecting surfaces as well as your tan is all part of having a successful tan!

Use Sunblock

Spray tanning does not protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun!

Apply sunblock when you are outside to protect your skin from long term damage.